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Its the week before Christmas and Rileys family has yet to take photos for their annual holiday card! This was destined to be a disaster, as today was the day it would get done.

Her parents were supah excited but Riley and her stepbro were supah bored. They keep switching postures, and as Riley gets closer to her stepbro she can perceive his fuckpole touching up against her.

Riley then determines its time to have some joy. Her father is a perfectionist, so after every single picture he has to go check it. Riley started teasing her stepbros penis and his face would turn out hilarious in every single photo, due to the gusto.

Parent called him out on it, and instructed him to stop. He takes a few more images, and this time calls out riley for having her hand in a bizarre pose. From there, mummy complains about her hair not looking great so the parents step out. Now its time for the siblings to have fun.

Riley instantaneously deep throats her stepbros shaft, but has to end it abruptly as the parents come back in. Now they are seated in front, and the kids decide to witness how far they can go behind them.

They plumb calmly behind, but cant hold back their sensation faces! The parents step out again, stepbro finishes off all over Riley, and this is the final opportunity to get the photo right.

Finally! They get the flawless picture. Daddy is satisfied, until he explores the picture closely.

He witnesses something odd on Rileys face. Uh-Oh…….

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